Today, We All Woke Up?

A poem.

Did you know
            today, we all woke up?

We all wrestled soundlessly with the
between somewhere else
and the uncompromising pace
and hardness of here.

Every night,
as our internal, sacred hard drives defragmented our day,
we lay,
as defenceless as an infant.
We were again a babe,
absorbed by another realm – a memory, a star, a tree –
            and we had to come back.

Like rising from a suboceanic adventure
clawing our way to the top,
faster and faster,
the very palm of the universe seemingly pushing us
heavenward as we surfaced for air
and dared to remember what was real.

What was more real, I should say.

Did you know
            we all had
                        a first thought?

We all tried to clutch at something
as we sped through the fug of our subconscious wanderings,
as we arrived to find the new day waiting for us
as if it had been there all along
because it had.

There had to be one that beat the rest.
Our blameless, oft-unwanted guest.



This one has a special place,
precisely because we didn’t choose it.
We can simply feel
its texture,
its key,
its pace

that thought that moved through us so viscerally,
its impact was like a pinch of salt in water.
no going back.

It has a habit of leaving its mark on whatever comes next.

At one point in time today,
after this thought was thought,
we squeezed and blinked,
and light met our pupils, again, for the first time.

Muscles reabsorbed their familiar tension
            marrow and sinew settled in
                        bones whispered their aching obedience
and before we decided, today had started.

Also without deciding, we became
            a thinker
            a chooser
            a mover
            a doer
no cracks to show
no thoughts to spare
every one was important.

Today had arrived and whether out of acceptance or fear,
it called us forth.
The tendrils of sleep lay wasting away,
drained out of our pores
            to be replaced with important thoughts.

Thoughts to carry us through a proper day with proper people.

But did you know?
            My darling, can you remember?
                        Just listen – before you go –
                                    Today, we all woke up?
First image – Wellington
Second image – Uganda

5 Replies to “Today, We All Woke Up?”

  1. A familiar jolt, another broken bowl shatters the sleepy haze,
    A melee of squabbles, rising tiny angry giants.
    A docket of indignant dressing gowns file past the yawning court: he said! she did! they won’t!

    A small restless intruder, pirating warmth, impatient for the day,
    Curious little fingers stroke an expressionless face, staring for signs of life
    A whisper of true love: breakfast’s ready Daddy.

  2. Hmm, I posted a comment on here yesterday but it doesn’t look like it’s here. Anyway… wow, thanks ❤️🙏

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