We talk about what we wish we’d known earlier.
We read what we wish we’d written.
We watch what we don’t know how to put into words.
We ask about what we can’t find within.

What we remember shows how we care.
Our gifts point to how we listen.
Our stories help us find sense in the dreams and doubts we hold.
Our humour releases the tension.

Our presence shows our respect.
So to do our tears and our talents.
Our art expresses what we desire.
What we create is our pursuit of peace.

There is a number that can hold us to ransom –
Our success is measured in comparison.
Our money tends to follow our deep questions.
Simplicity aches to show us what matters.

How do we qualify the depth of laughter, the full weight of a “thank you”, the catching of our breath in our throat?

What is the word for that feeling of leaving fuller in spirit than when you arrived?

If you can, take a pause today.
Feel it, and then notice: what’s underneath?

            The breath within the breath,
           Sight in the sight

                                               Gungor – Breath Within the Breath