Today is the day.

Today, the week resumes its normal pattern for most people.

And here in Christchurch, our city has been scarred, and we are grieving.

50 people in our own town were killed on Friday because of what they believed, because they were not white, because their difference was a threat.

They were our neighbours, coworkers, friends, and whānau (family).

Today, we may not understand how we feel, still.

Today is not the day to try and understand, but simply let our feelings be wherever they are – whether it’s in the pit of our stomach, the back of our throat, the nape of our neck, the heaviness of our heart, or the heat of our tears.

Our feelings tells us what the news cannot.

Today is the day to really stop and listen when we ask someone,
Hey, how are you?

Today is the day to see behind the silence.

Today is the day to be kind to ourselves.
Truly gentle and kind, as we would a child or elderly relative.

Today is the day to hug each other a little closer, and to end the phone call with “I love you.

Today is the day to be thankful for what we have.

Today is the day to ask, “What do I need?

Today is the day to ask, “What can I give?

Today is the day we can choose to become stronger, kinder, more tolerant, more courageous, more empathetic, more generous, more hopeful.

Because we cannot not let this tragedy turn us towards hate and fear.

Because love always wins.

Photo by @gebhartyler on Unsplash