Photo above by Martin Reisch on Unsplash

“God, I’m falling apart.”

“Wow, we really do things like this now?”

“You act so much older than you look.”

“Happy Birthday! 24 again this year, is it?”

Age. It’s something we have no control over, but always seems worthy of a good complaint.

We can never get it right. We’re not old enough to be taken seriously, until we’re too old to be taken seriously. We’ll always be looking ahead longingly, until we’re looking back wistfully.

Yet, when we love someone, when we respect them, when we cherish them, age has little to do with that. Instead, we see

sense of humour

Our secret weapon to this inane, self-sabotaging, self-perceived inadequacy is knowing just how much is more important than when we were born.

Everything mentioned above? Those are values that we can cultivate.

We know it’s possible to be comfortable in our age. We can be both proud of what we have learned and excited about where we have yet to explore.

Content in the now.

So why worry about what’s not in your control?

Don’t let the inevitability of aging get in your way, or scare you.

Focus on what really matters.