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Just because the words didn’t flow easily doesn’t mean this morning was a failure.
Just because it was a labour of love doesn’t mean it was a waste of time as well.
Just because you’re not thanked does not mean it wasn’t worth it.
Just because you’re struggling at the moment doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong place.

Not every piece can be a masterpiece.

Let’s try a reframe.

Some believe that every piece is a masterpiece.
It might just not have found the right person yet.
Or maybe that person is not able to receive the gift you’re trying to give them.

Even so, if your gift finds the right person and it reaches them at the right time, it is highly likely that you will never know the impact you have had.

Instead of holding yourself to the standards of masterpiece or perfection every time, only to find yourself wanting, maybe some more humble aspirations are in order.

Are you connected?
Are you growing?
Are you learning?
Are you proud of how you’re behaving, the choices you’re making, who you are?

Because our measure of success doesn’t always have to be output. It can be, but let that be a choice, not the default.

You can measure success by completion, by self-comparison, by smiles, by how much courage it took for you to press Send or make the phone call or say no.

It’s easy to look around and compare. But you get to determine your own barometer of success.

So, what’s it going to be?

Photo by Eugeniya Belova on Unsplash