Simple reminders

Photo above taken by the author, somewhere in Chile, sometime in 2009.

You don’t know what’s around the corner.

Only you can call “enough” when you know it. Don’t expect anyone else to.

You can’t have the kind of life you’re reading about while you’re reading about that kind of life.

Balancing input, output and silence is a skill they never taught you, but one you need to learn.

Maintaining inequity was a decision we built into our systems that they now maintain self-sufficiently. We can change the systems.

There is kindness and generosity in saying “no”.

There is a time to be outside – to grow, to challenge, to experience something new.
There is a time to be inside – to hunker, to reflect, to listen to yourself.

You can plan as much as you’d like; be prepared to improvise, though.

When you’re scared, ask yourself: Is this a knowledge problem, or is this a fear problem?

Listen to more music.

Self-imposed constraints (like hitting ‘Publish‘ before breakfast) often help turn decision-making into action.

You’re reading this? Then there is much to be thankful for.

Everyone’s just making it up. Proceed accordingly.

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