Mahi (the work)

Stolen like an artist from Austin Kleon, who stole it from Maureen McHugh

According to my track record, I can definitely

* Help you solve an interesting problem about where, why or how you’re communicating.
* Help you figure out smarter ways to raise money.
* Organise over 1000 people to volunteer on one day.
* Write for The Spinoff
* Run fundraising events, big or small.
* Share stories that will make you smile and well up.
* Create, write or edit whatever copy you need.
* Brain-write. A lot.
* Run a meeting.
* Speak at your gathering or conference.
* Live Below the Line.
* Crunch the numbers.
* Survive in the Easter Camp kitchen on Pie Day.
* Ask you a lot of questions to help you figure out what you need to know.
* Coach the altMBA.
* Run three half-marathons in six months.
* Favour herbal tea over coffee, and red over white, every time.
* Sit on the vestry and hire you a new vicar.
* Write (a few times) for Anglican Taonga
* Survive a natural disaster.
* Qualify for Golden Key Society at the University of Canterbury.
* Bake copious amounts to relieve the stress of said disaster.
* Win a Golden Quill.
* Represent my country in something I love.
* Cook a meal with whatever’s in the pantry.
* Treasure a few, deep friendships.
* Jump in, even when it’s freezing.
* Feel more connected in a library or on a beach than in a church.
* Join your quiz team.
* Notice that the louder my Resistance is yelling, the more important the work is.

I have worked with the exceptionally talented and generous
Susi and Douglas at Glass Tower, the passionate world-changers
at GirlGuiding NZ HQ, and the brilliant, focused, hilarious
and successful Ronald McDonald House South Island crew.

I’m now the Fundraising Manager at RMHSI, and lead an incredible team to raise much-needed funds to keep our doors open for families who have a child staying in Christchurch or Southland Hospital.

Each place has taught me more about my skills, my work ethic, my values, my intuition, and my goals for the future.

I view my work through the eyes of this whakatauki (proverb):

E iti noa ana nā te aroha.
A small thing, given with love.

If you’re interested in what I know and would like to have a chat, flick me a message here.